⚔️TaoPad: Expanding The Tao Ecosystem

TaoPad is a cryptocurrency protocol designed to synergize with the BitTensor network's native token, $TAO. It introduces a novel rewards mechanism, leveraging multiple revenue streams to reward its holders with $wTAO (Wrapped TAO) tokens. This approach aims to create a mutually beneficial relationship between Taopad and $TAO, enhancing value for holders and supporting the growth of decentralized AI.

TaoPad allows users to enjoy the benefits supporting $TAO without having to invest effort in the cumbersome task of procuring and managing BitTensor network mining and validator equipment.

TaoPad is building DeFi for $TAO and has built the first Bittensor-focused launchpad.

The first project launching on TaoPad is TaoBank, a protocol that accepts $wTAO as collateral and provides immediate liquidity to the asset holders while allowing them to retain ownership of their $wTAO.

WARNING: Engaging with cryptocurrencies is extremely risky and dependent on regulations across different geographies. Taopad are not financial advisors and engaging with any of our products and services does not guarantee any sort of financial rewards. Users of any products and services on our platform are strongly advised to do their own research inclusive of geo-specific legislations and understand the risks accordingly from licensed financial advisors in the space. As of December 2023, pending broad-based regulatory clarity, all cryptocurrencies across the spectrum are only lines of code offering no intrinsic value or otherwise in comparison to real regulated money-markets. Anyone found proceeding from here is deemed to be engaging with the protocol at his or her own free will and risk appetite with no liability or impact due to the Team at Taopad We are unequivocally not responsible for results of any users' decision making.

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