⛏️Participation In The Bittensor ecosystem

Here is an explanation of the primary components of a subnet. Note that this explanation is highly simplified, and is intended only to convey the essential conceptual core of the subnet.

The item numbers below correspond to the numbers in the above diagram.

  1. A subnet is defined by the incentive mechanism it supports. The incentive mechanism is unique to the subnet.

  2. Entities in the subnet, called subnet miners, each perform useful task, i.e., solve some problem, as defined in the incentive mechanism of the subnet.

  3. Separate entities in the same subnet, called subnet validators, each independently evaluate the task performed by the subnet miners.

  4. The subnet validators then each express their opinion on the quality of the miners. These opinions of the subnet validators are then provided as a collective input to the Yuma Consensus mechanism on the blockchain by using the Bittensor API.

  5. The output of the Yuma Consensus mechanism from the blockchain will then determine how the rewards for the subnet miners and subnet validators are to be distributed. The rewards are in the form of TAO tokens.

When you participate in the Bittensor ecosystem, most of your activity occurs within the subnet you participate in. This is true whether you created your own incentive mechanism, i.e., your own subnet, or joined an existing subnet either as a subnet validator or as a subnet miner. Nevertheless, you can interact with other subnet entities.

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