Phase 1: Foundation and Launch

Token Launch: Initial launch of $TPAD tokens.

Liquidity Lock Implementation: Securing the liquidity on Uniswap v2 via lock.

Community Building: Establishing a strong foundation for the TaoPad community.

Procurement of mining and validator infrastructure and their activation

Phase 2: Expansion and Partnerships

Partnership Development: Establishing strategic alliances within the AI and blockchain sectors, both in and outside the Bittensor ecosystem

Enhancement of dApp Functionalities: Improving the distribution mechanism and user interface of the TaoPad dApp.

Phase 3: Launchpad Development

Q1 2024

  • Invitations: Open invitations have commenced for projects and teams looking to develop on the Bittensor ecosystem and developing relationships

  • Launchpad Introduction: Rolling out the $TPAD Launchpad for new ai-focused projects for the Bittensor ecosystem

  • First Launchpad Projects: Hosting initial projects on the TaoPad Launchpad.

Phase 4: Growth and Sustainability

Continued Community Engagement: Fostering deeper community involvement and governance.

Additional Exchange Listings: Exploring and securing listings on more cryptocurrency exchanges.

Long-term Sustainability Initiatives: Implementing strategies for sustained growth and community benefits.

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