What is TaoPad?

TaoPad is an Ethereum based project which provides exposure of the Bittensor ecosystem to holders of its token, $TPAD, by participating in mining and validation activities on the Bittensor network and distributing rewards earned to $TPAD holders.

What is $TPAD?

$TPAD is a cryptocurrency that integrates an advanced tax mechanism to reward holders with $wTAO tokens.

How does the $TPAD mechanism work?

A 5% tax is applied to all buy and sell transactions. This tax is used to invest in mining infrastructure, deployed to work on the Bittensor mainchain and then distribute rewards earned to $TPAD holders.

What is the total supply of $TPAD?

The total supply is capped at 1 million tokens.

How can I participate in the TaoPad Launchpad?

Buy and hold $TPAD tokens to receive a share of rewards from mining/validator activities and fees from charged on launches. To receive tokens from third-party launches, you have to stake $wTAO

Where can I see my $TPAD tokens?

$TPAD balances and rewards can be seen at https://earn.taopad.app by adding the $TPAD token to your Wallet. Note that you only see your rewards on the app

How can I be a part of the TaoPad community?

Engage with the community through our forums, social media channels, and participate in governance voting.

Where can I find more information about TaoPad?

You are more than welcome to hop into our TG channel and talk to our team directly.

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