💟Benefits to TPAD Holders

The more non-holders participate, the greater the rewards for holders, creating a community-driven incentive for launch promotion. Holding more TPAD results in increased discounts and rewards, following a linear tier system by design.

Exclusive Access for TPAD Holders

1000 TPAD or more: Gives access to the earliest rounds of a sale, capped at 20% of the tokens for sale, for projects/teams who justifiably need this round.

Any TPAD: Gives access to TPAD only round of sale

Additional Benefits

During Launchpad epochs, 80% of taxes on TPAD will be used to buy into every pre-sale. These tokens will then be proportionally airdropped to TPAD token holders.

Snapshots for these will be taken randomnly before and after each pre-sale.

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