Bittensor Personas

You can participate in the Bittensor ecosystem as the following personas:

  • Subnet owner: When you only want to create a subnet but transfer the tasks of operating the subnet to others.

  • Subnet validator: When you are responsible for running the subnet validator.

  • Subnet miner: When you are responsible for running the subnet miner.

  • Blockchain operator: When you run the blockchain. This mostly applies during the offline testing of your subnet and your incentive mechanism, when you need a local emulation of the Bittensor blockchain because you are disconnected from the Bittensor network.

TaoPad will participate in the ecosystem validator nodes and establishing needed infrastructure.

Powered by taxes collected from buys and sells, Taopad will use the collected wTAO to delegate stake via validator nodes. This approach optimizes the rewards "farming' objective and ensures significant participation in the network.

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